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Material Prices
Last Updated 12/06/23

Non-Ferrous Materials

      Aluminum Cans:


Cast Al:

Aluminum Rims:

   Chrome Rims:

Aluminum Rads:

Copper #1:

Copper #2:

Ins. Copper #1:

Ins. Copper #2 40%:

Yellow Brass:

Red Brass:

Auto Radiators Clean:

Copper/Al Rads Cln:

304 Stainless Steel:

316 Stainless Steel:

Clean Lead:

Electric Motors (sm):



















Ferrous Materials



Auto w/o motor:

Short Iron:

Long Iron:

   Short Plate:

Long Plate:








Please note that prices are subject to change at any time. For any questions regarding pricing or materials not listed, please call us at 1-304-781-0303. Thank you!

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